Madara Uzalampetti native, Elavarasi as the owner of 'Elavarsai Foods’ in Thrissur . Even when her dream venture collapsed, they were unstoppable. The sole handicraft for this business is the tastes and craftsmanship handed down through the generations.


Elavarasi's family were settled in Thrissur from Madurai Uzalampetty more than 45 years ago. The family's livelihood was the sale of sweets. After studying and getting married, Ilavarashi started following her family's path and started making sweets. Initially, pakawada and rice flour were made to realize the dream of owning a business. Initially, they were making sweets and taking them to houses and shops. Later, more orders were received from shops. Accordingly, the number of resources has increased. Accordingly, the number of resources has increased. Today, Elavarasi foods has more than 60 products, including snacks and pickles, with a pleasing smell.

As the business grew, Elavarasi opened a supermarket in Thrissur in 2009. But that venture was a bit off. By 2011, the supermarket and startups were experiencing a major setback. Succession in the institution has lost everything it has gained. The young woman again had to stand in the arms of a beginner. But that fall didn't disappoint the young entrepreneur. Inspired by this decline, Aswati launched Hot Chips in the Diwanjimula 2012. The energy she got from his downfall may have caused nothing to weaken the young woman.

This young entrepreneur has a lot of dreams about tomorrow. The main goal of Ilavarasi is to win the award for business magnate of the world. The next step is to take over all the products of Elavarasi foods, which have to take over the foreign market. In addition, it provides employment for over 25 people. Elavarasi uses state-of-the-art techniques in her kitchen without adding any preservatives and colors. The specialty of the Tamil cuisine is its specialty pickles. There are 18 varieties of pickles on the list.